STEP 2: Upload Your Banner

    Deadline: 20 December 2019

    Note: For exhibitors who book a stand 6 weeks prior to the event, the deadline is 1 week after booking. If this deadline is not met, an extra service charge will be required.

    Above the meeting point, a banner (200 cm x 150 cm) will display your company presentation. We will take care of the production, after we receive the draft from you. The draft should not only contain the company logo, but also a short introduction or description of your company. Examples of efficient and less efficient banners can be found at the bottom of the page.

    This banners needs to be provided as a PDF file.

    The graphics file uploaded online should meet the following requirements:

    • The design should be ready for print on delivery. 
    • The correct format (1:1 execution)
    • Resolution 72dpi (for images) at 100% usage
    • CMY colour (not RGB)
    • Submit PDF with these specifications:
      PDF type from 7.0, no print marks
    • If prepared with a format package (CS4/CS5), please attach images and fonts (screen and print fonts if postscript)
    • Please make sure that the delivered files have clear names, preferably containing the event and company names.
    • The banner is horizontal (200cm x 150cm). Due to the tube frame, text and image are required to fit within 200cm x 128cm. There is the possibility to have the (background) color overlap the tube frame (11 cm above and below).
    • All layers must be merged! (Some graphics files are composed of layers. These layers need to be merged before they’re exported as a PDF to avoid problems when printing).
    • Preferably compress the PDF file as a ZIP file – this saves space on our server. Tip: right click the file and select Compress (as zip).
    Example banner

    If you want us to design & upload the banner for you please contact for further information. 

    (N.B. The banner is the main presentation of your company at the meeting point. Other promotion materials (i.e. roll-up banners, displays etc.) are not permitted on the booth.

    Roll-up banners are not allowed

    How to upload

    (it’s important to follow each step carefully, especially step 8):

    1. Go to the website:
    2. Log in with your username and password (already logged in? Click top right on Account > login)
    3. In the menu click on Exhibition stands (“Beurs stands” if the site is in dutch). 
    4. At the relevant stand profile information click the link ‘Upload banner’.
    5. If necessary, enter supplementary information. Always mention for which event and company it is.
    6. Click below on ‘Select and upload file’.
    7. Select your graphics file (PDF or zipped PDF) on your computer.
    8. The upload will begin – be patient, as it can take a moment.
    9. Important: when the upload is completed, click ‘Save’.

    After uploading, our graphic designer will review your file. If it gets rejected, you will receive an e-mail within a few days with instructions or comments. If it is approved, no notification will be given.

    Impression of banners at the trade fair