EventSummit Online exhibitor information

Note: Everything described below is relevant for a smooth and effective participation. So read it entirely and carefully.

The 1st edition of EventSummit Online will be on June 3rd from 13.00 (12.45 walk-in) to 16.00.

We will provide you with the following information:

  • A general impression of what to expect from EventSummit Online.
  • Tips for getting in touch with the participants.
  • Instructions on how to set up your virtual booth.
  • Book your personal participant access with your discount code

General impression about EventSummit Online

EventSummit Online is organized on the online event platform and contains the following elements:

General event area with:

  • continuous “live lobby” (continuous interactive broadcast with entertainment and informational content)
  • passage to the seminar rooms (2), network square, network carousel, cinema, exhibitors and reception
  • general group chat

Seminar rooms (of Quality Bookings and with 6 of the same speakers as during EventSummit Live on May 20th. You can see who is also watching a speaker with the option to start 1 on 1 (video) chat.

Network plaza where one can start group conversations and find individual participants to get in touch with (chat / video chat).

Cinema with on demand the other speakers of EventSummit Online and other interesting content.

Network carousel a nice way to get in touch with other participants via a speed date. Note: this is addictive 😉

Exhibitors – here the participants can find all virtual stands, chat (video) with exhibitors, view and possibly download company information and leave a business card.

Game program – we have devised a game program with which participants can win great prizes. The purpose of this program is twofold:

  • Fun – one wins by solving a puzzle and displaying the solution as creatively as possible
  • Networking – you can pick up parts of the puzzle from the exhibitors, so we stimulate contact between participant and exhibitor.

Tips for getting in touch with participants

Please note: if you are only online and do not take action yourself, you will experience disappointing participation from EventSummit Online.

EventSummit Online is there to get in touch! Be proactive, creative and a little cheeky in reaching out. It’s allowed!

Time has been reserved for networking in the program: 3 blocks of 15 minutes. Then you can shine as an exhibitor, but you can continue networking during the content program.

Participants who are interested in what you have to offer as an exhibitor will often only view your virtual booth and then move on. You do not realize that someone has “passed by”.

You can actively get in touch with participants in the following ways:

Start a group conversation on the network square.
You drag yourself on the square, you create a topic and wait for someone to join your conversation.
Tips: Think of a non-sales oriented, interesting topic. Start the conversation with someone you know – one person waiting is a higher threshold for others to hook up.

Be active on the group chat. From there you come into contact with other participants. It can be a bridge to 1 on 1 (video) chat that you can start.

Just get in touch with interesting participants. Send a chat message. The other person can always ignore or reply to your message. For example, in a seminar room you can see who is watching. You can discuss the content with each other 😉

The Networking Caroussel is the way to spontaneously come into contact with interesting (or of course less interesting but perhaps fun) participants. Join!!
Tip: Nice personal contact is more effective than ramming through your sales pitch in 3 minutes.

Setting up your Virtual Stand

IN THIS PDF you will find what you need to set up your virtual booth. In this PDF you will find specifications of what you need for:

  • Color code for the base color of your booth
    (tip, use software such as Free Color Picker for Windows or Color Picker for Mac to find out the basic color of your corporate identity, for example)
  • Your logo
  • Background image for the back wall in your stand

You have received a link from us to the “Booth Builder” for your booth. Not received? Please contact us: 072-5207922 or

Note: to link other stand personnel to your stand, the person must first be logged in. The doors will open on 3 June at 12.45 pm, make sure you and your other stand crew log in on time so that you can connect them directly.

Book access to EventSummit Online

Via this link you can book access for you and your colleagues.

Note: do this in one round. Your discount code gives 4 free entries during one booking.

You have received your discount code from us by email. Not received? Please contact us: 072-5207922 or